Benjamin Netanyahu, “I will never gamble with Israel’s security.”

Washington, D.C., March 5, 2012

In a speech to the American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) Monday evening Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, demonstrated historic stature. The world watched as this leader of a tiny nation took on the largest of responsibilities and dangers with the clear thinking of a Biblical hero. And in so doing, he is leading and reminding the world of what a Biblical leader looks like…courageous, resolute, tested, confident, clear-thinking, and not without humor.

Publicly exposing the Iranian lies surrounding their pursuits for nuclear bombs, he said, “A country that builds underground nuclear facilities, develops intercontinental ballistic missiles, manufactures thousands of centrifuges, and absorbs crippling sanctions – is doing all that in order to advance…medical research? ……..Yeah, right… Ladies and Gentlemen, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then what is it?”  The audience laughed and answered, “A duck!”

Mr. Netanyahu quickly outlined Iran’s forty year history of terrorism saying, “It sponsors Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza and terrorists throughout the Middle East, Africa, and South America. Iran’s proxies have dispatched hundreds of suicide bombers, planted thousands of roadside bombs, and fired over twenty thousand missiles at civilians. It has seized embassies, targeted diplomats and sent its own children through mine fields. This is how Iran behaves today, without nuclear weapons. Think of how they will behave tomorrow, with nuclear weapons.”

As this sobering thought hung in the room,  he pressed home his point challenging the world community to think clearly and apply reality.  Today, without nuclear weapons, Iran threatens to cut off access to the Persian Gulf by blockading the Straits of Hormuz.  Mr. Netanyahu warned that a nuclear armed Iran will have the means to  blackmail the entire world while holding the nations hostage over their need for oil.

“And the worst nightmare of all,” he continued. “Iran could threaten all of us with nuclear terrorism. It could put a nuclear device in a ship heading to any port or in a truck parked in any city. Think about what it would mean to have nuclear weapons in the hands of radicals who lead millions in chants of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”

Stating it is, “preposterous that we should accept a world in which the Ayatollahs have atomic bombs,” Israel’s Prime Minister counseled, “My friends, responsible leaders should not bet the security of their countries on the belief that the world’s most dangerous regime won’t use the world’s most dangerous weapons.”

“I will never gamble with the security of the State of Israel,” he said. The crowd erupted in applause.

Then, defining the principle of Israel’s national sovereignty, Mr. Netanyahu said, “The purpose of the Jewish state is to secure the Jewish future. That is why Israel must always have the ability to defend itself, by itself, against any threat.” Thunderous applause and cheers followed this statement.

But his most powerful sentence came after he exposed the Iranian lies and painted the picture of a world soon to suffer the insane whims of nuclear armed radical Islamic Mullahs.

In a tone resolute with warning for both the White House and the Iranian leaders, Mr. Netanyahu said, “As Prime Minister of Israel, I will never let my people live in the shadow of annihilation.”

There can be little doubt as to what that statement means. Israel has already decided they will do away with the Iranian nuclear program. America can help or get out of the way, but we will not stop them, nor should we try.

The speech concluded with a reminder that soon Israel will celebrate “Purim.” The Prime Minister didn’t go into the historical background of the celebration, but simply explained that Purim is a remembrance of their deliverance and of a great Jewish heroine, Esther.

The entire story is found in the Old Testament of the Bible in the Book of Esther. I looked it up.

Purim commemorates their deliverance from an Iranian of the past, the Persian Prime Minister, Haman. An anti-Semite like Hitler, Haman planned the extermination of the Jews, but was foiled by Queen Esther, the Israeli wife of the Persian King. In another one of those Biblical reverses where Jewish enemies were destroyed, Haman and his entire family were publicly executed by the King of Persia on the very gallows built to execute the Jews.

After reading the story myself, I thought: Isn’t it interesting that Purim took place in ancient Iran, known as Persia. And isn’t it interesting that Mr. Netanyahu used this reference to end his speech.

Today, Persia’s Prime Minister Haman is named Ahmadinejad. Looks like he’ll soon discover the consequences of planning Jewish annihilation. Follow me closely; I don’t think Allah wins this one.

G.S. McGregor

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