A Tyrant in the White House

Chief Justice John Roberts

Obama Lied to America

When The Supreme Court upheld President Obama’s health care plan, Chief Justice John Roberts declared the individual mandate a constitutionally permissible tax. Now, it seems as though the majority of Americans have forgotten that the President lied to the people in the first place. He told them the health care law wasn’t a tax.

So, Obamacare is a tax. It always was a tax. However, it was sold to Americans as affordable health care. So, why did the President conceal the true nature of Obamacare? Why the lie? Could it be he’s covering up something more sinister?

It’s clear the President couldn’t tell the people Obamacare destroys the insurance industry and American medicine with restrictions and taxes. That wouldn’t work as a sales pitch. Nor could he say he intended to drive all of us into government owned medical centers. Nor could he tell us that he is a Marxist who believes he’s above the U.S. Constitution. None of that would sell. So, he lied and refused the process of negotiations forcing America into the shutdown crisis while he threatened our credit rating.

A Tyrant shut down the Government.

Seal of the United States House of Representatives

According to the United States Constitution Article 1, Section 7, Paragraph 1: “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives, but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments.”

The Constitution gave The House of Representatives the power to raise or not to raise revenues to fund the government. The House of Representatives has 431 members elected from their districts across the United States. Two hundred and thirty-one are Republicans and 200 are Democrats. The Republicans hold a strong majority and opposed Obamacare on financial principles. So, as the majority, they passed legislation funding all the government except this law. The House did their duty and handed it over to the Senate.

Seal of the United States Senate

The Senate has two senators from each of the fifty states. There, the Democrats hold a slim majority over Republicans by a margin of six votes, 52 to 46. Harry Reid, the Democrat leader of the Senate, refused to allow a vote on the House bill and forced a government shutdown. The President refused negotiation on the Obamacare law and threatened to default payment on U.S. debt obligations. Who is the President to threaten America?

Senator Reid

As quoted above, the Constitution requires the Senate to approve or amend the House’ bill. Either process requires the Senate to vote on the bill, but Harry Reid refused to allow even that. Reid refused to obey the Constitution. Then, Obama  threatened default and simply disobeyed the Constitutional restrictions of the Presidency.

The House acted within the Constitution…the President and the Senate did not. The Senate and the President purposefully engineered the crisis because the House of Representatives didn’t give them what they demanded.

Even worse, the media refused it’s obligation to our free society. Instead of calling for obedience to the Constitution, they perpetrated the tyranny with the big lie. “The Republicans shut down the government!” cried the networks, The Washington Post and The N.Y. Times.

No, the Democrats did that by refusing both to vote or to negotiate on the House bill according to the Constitution. Then, while the House continued to fund the government with bill after bill, Harry Reid  refused to allow a Senate vote on any of them and ran out the clock. Harry Reid shut down the government and lied to blame the Republicans. The media gleefully spread the lie.

So, why did the Democrats  force the shutdown? I believe they are carrying out a socialist one-party-takeover of the United States. I know that sounds fantastic, but the evidence just revealed itself.  Our own President threatened to downgrade America for Obamacare! Downgrade America over a healthcare law? Why? And the answer is: either way he wins and tears down our system.

20,000 pages of Obamacare restrictions

Legalized destruction

Obamacare is nothing more than a subterfuge, a clever deceit, a scheme to hide the true intent of the law. The true intent of the law is to drive private enterprise out of the health insurance business by placing impossible restrictions upon their products. That has been the intent from the beginning.

Using this law and its restrictions to drive costs up prohibitively in the free market, the government intends to overthrow the free market pushing all citizens into government medical centers. The effect is to seize control of your medicine. Once the government can tell you what doctor to see and what medicine you are allowed to receive…well, you fill in the blank. Just imagine going to see the doctor at the department of motor vehicles. Just imagine if they ask you your political affiliation before you see the doctor. Can you say, “I’m a Democrat?”

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” said the President. In addition to that, he promised better insurance at less cost to all…He lied. He lied to hide his true scheme now unfolding and causing anguish all across America.

Barack Hussein Obama

By design, January 1, 2014, multitudes of citizens across America will lose their private health care. The law is written to cause that crisis. Millions of citizens and families will see their costs skyrocket beyond their ability to pay for a policy. Family deductibles have been raised above $10,000 per year resulting in higher premiums and worthless insurance. The law is designed to cause that crisis as well.

Then, using the tax code and the IRS as the gestapo-at-your-door, every citizen is forced to pay. None of this is what the American people were promised by the President.

Why the Bait and Switch?

So, what’s going on? Why the bait and switch scheme on the American people? And the answer is: That’s how you implement Marxism, the government control of industry, economy and policy.

Karl Marx, The founder of Communism

The theory of implementing Marxism is to use the public trust to implement deceit. Once that trust is gained through promises, power is seized from the people and the marketplace destroyed by restrictions. After ruining the marketplace, the government must step in to fix the chaos it caused and carefully designed to take place from the beginning. The result is the seizure of power and freedom from the people.

Marxism is being put in place by Obama and most Americans don’t even know what’s happening. The government is being transformed into the “ruling class,” while we the people become its servants.  That’s the model of all Communist governments. The final step is to fix elections into one-party-rule. Once that is accomplished the government owns the election process, the legislature, and the military. Objection by the people becomes a helpless exercise, yea…even a dangerous one.

Setting up the Coup d’etat

Fundamentally changing America

If tyranny is the use of power beyond restrictions, then President Obama is a Tyrant. Like all Marxists who’ve been properly coached by Leninists, you disrupt. Then, sell a lie the people want to hear. Free health care for the poor, and reduced costs for all Americans. Next pass a complicated law nobody understands. Impose destructive restrictions and when chaos and resistance follows, crack down and take over. Hello, IRS.

In Barack Obama’s radical world disruption and chaos are desirable because they enable takeover. Just look what’s happening to the health care and the insurance industries. And guess what? Immigration is next on the Obama agenda. We can only ask what chaos awaits us when Obama instantly converts illegals into citizens.

The signs read, "Citizenship for 11 Million"

Remember all the Hispanic immigrants on the Mall when the government was shut down? Their presence was welcome to Obama when the veterans were turned away. It was more important to protect their rally than pay for the funerals of fallen soldiers. And why was that? Dead soldiers don’t vote.

Obama as Lincoln

Takeover Theater

Perhaps, it will go something like this. Obama will remind the nation of it’s slave-holding-past. Illegal immigrants will be likened to the slaves who once lived and labored without rights? Corporations will be the plantation owners oppressing the downtrodden, and all those opposed will be demonized as racist.

Of course, President Obama will play the role of Abraham Lincoln in this drama. My guess is that  he will issue a new Emancipation Proclamation declaring all illegals to be instant citizens. Eleven million votes will give the Congress and the Presidency to the Democrats for the next fifty years. Obama knows that.

Imagine eleven million new Hispanic citizens standing in lines to register as Democrats just before November, 2014. The nation will be instantly wrenched away from the people and Socialists will seize control of a one-party-America.What’s to stop Obama? He can do anything and the media won’t oppose it.

Never mind that none of this is within his Constitutional power as President. We shouldn’t expect him to even blink at those restrictions. He’s a tyrant, and to criticize him is racist. If the Republican controlled House of Representatives opposes him, Obama and the Senate will stonewall, demonize and force a government crisis while the mainline media promotes their tyranny as righteousness. It’s worked so far.

Presto…America transformed into a socialist-one-party-state. Hold onto your Constitution, the chaos is coming. That’s his fundamental transformation. We used to call that Communism. We used to know that was tyranny. Sadly, not anymore.



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