A Tyrant in the White House

Chief Justice John Roberts

Obama Lied to America

When The Supreme Court upheld President Obama’s health care plan, Chief Justice John Roberts declared the individual mandate a constitutionally permissible tax. Now, it seems as though the majority of Americans have forgotten that the President lied to the people in the first place. He told them the health care law wasn’t a tax.

So, Obamacare is a tax. It always was a tax. However, it was sold to Americans as affordable health care. So, why did the President conceal the true nature of Obamacare? Why the lie? Could it be he’s covering up something more sinister?

It’s clear the President couldn’t tell the people Obamacare destroys the insurance industry and American medicine with restrictions and taxes. That wouldn’t work as a sales pitch. Nor could he say he intended to drive all of us into government owned medical centers. Nor could he tell us that he is a Marxist who believes he’s above the U.S. Constitution. None of that would sell. So, he lied and refused the process of negotiations forcing America into the shutdown crisis while he threatened our credit rating.

A Tyrant shut down the Government.

Seal of the United States House of Representatives

According to the United States Constitution Article 1, Section 7, Paragraph 1: “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives, but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments.”

The Constitution gave The House of Representatives the power to raise or not to raise revenues to fund the government. The House of Representatives has 431 members elected from their districts across the United States. Two hundred and thirty-one are Republicans and 200 are Democrats. The Republicans hold a strong majority and opposed Obamacare on financial principles. So, as the majority, they passed legislation funding all the government except this law. The House did their duty and handed it over to the Senate.

Seal of the United States Senate

The Senate has two senators from each of the fifty states. There, the Democrats hold a slim majority over Republicans by a margin of six votes, 52 to 46. Harry Reid, the Democrat leader of the Senate, refused to allow a vote on the House bill and forced a government shutdown. The President refused negotiation on the Obamacare law and threatened to default payment on U.S. debt obligations. Who is the President to threaten America?

Senator Reid

As quoted above, the Constitution requires the Senate to approve or amend the House’ bill. Either process requires the Senate to vote on the bill, but Harry Reid refused to allow even that. Reid refused to obey the Constitution. Then, Obama  threatened default and simply disobeyed the Constitutional restrictions of the Presidency.

The House acted within the Constitution…the President and the Senate did not. The Senate and the President purposefully engineered the crisis because the House of Representatives didn’t give them what they demanded.

Even worse, the media refused it’s obligation to our free society. Instead of calling for obedience to the Constitution, they perpetrated the tyranny with the big lie. “The Republicans shut down the government!” cried the networks, The Washington Post and The N.Y. Times.

No, the Democrats did that by refusing both to vote or to negotiate on the House bill according to the Constitution. Then, while the House continued to fund the government with bill after bill, Harry Reid  refused to allow a Senate vote on any of them and ran out the clock. Harry Reid shut down the government and lied to blame the Republicans. The media gleefully spread the lie.

So, why did the Democrats  force the shutdown? I believe they are carrying out a socialist one-party-takeover of the United States. I know that sounds fantastic, but the evidence just revealed itself.  Our own President threatened to downgrade America for Obamacare! Downgrade America over a healthcare law? Why? And the answer is: either way he wins and tears down our system.

20,000 pages of Obamacare restrictions

Legalized destruction

Obamacare is nothing more than a subterfuge, a clever deceit, a scheme to hide the true intent of the law. The true intent of the law is to drive private enterprise out of the health insurance business by placing impossible restrictions upon their products. That has been the intent from the beginning.

Using this law and its restrictions to drive costs up prohibitively in the free market, the government intends to overthrow the free market pushing all citizens into government medical centers. The effect is to seize control of your medicine. Once the government can tell you what doctor to see and what medicine you are allowed to receive…well, you fill in the blank. Just imagine going to see the doctor at the department of motor vehicles. Just imagine if they ask you your political affiliation before you see the doctor. Can you say, “I’m a Democrat?”

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” said the President. In addition to that, he promised better insurance at less cost to all…He lied. He lied to hide his true scheme now unfolding and causing anguish all across America.

Barack Hussein Obama

By design, January 1, 2014, multitudes of citizens across America will lose their private health care. The law is written to cause that crisis. Millions of citizens and families will see their costs skyrocket beyond their ability to pay for a policy. Family deductibles have been raised above $10,000 per year resulting in higher premiums and worthless insurance. The law is designed to cause that crisis as well.

Then, using the tax code and the IRS as the gestapo-at-your-door, every citizen is forced to pay. None of this is what the American people were promised by the President.

Why the Bait and Switch?

So, what’s going on? Why the bait and switch scheme on the American people? And the answer is: That’s how you implement Marxism, the government control of industry, economy and policy.

Karl Marx, The founder of Communism

The theory of implementing Marxism is to use the public trust to implement deceit. Once that trust is gained through promises, power is seized from the people and the marketplace destroyed by restrictions. After ruining the marketplace, the government must step in to fix the chaos it caused and carefully designed to take place from the beginning. The result is the seizure of power and freedom from the people.

Marxism is being put in place by Obama and most Americans don’t even know what’s happening. The government is being transformed into the “ruling class,” while we the people become its servants.  That’s the model of all Communist governments. The final step is to fix elections into one-party-rule. Once that is accomplished the government owns the election process, the legislature, and the military. Objection by the people becomes a helpless exercise, yea…even a dangerous one.

Setting up the Coup d’etat

Fundamentally changing America

If tyranny is the use of power beyond restrictions, then President Obama is a Tyrant. Like all Marxists who’ve been properly coached by Leninists, you disrupt. Then, sell a lie the people want to hear. Free health care for the poor, and reduced costs for all Americans. Next pass a complicated law nobody understands. Impose destructive restrictions and when chaos and resistance follows, crack down and take over. Hello, IRS.

In Barack Obama’s radical world disruption and chaos are desirable because they enable takeover. Just look what’s happening to the health care and the insurance industries. And guess what? Immigration is next on the Obama agenda. We can only ask what chaos awaits us when Obama instantly converts illegals into citizens.

The signs read, "Citizenship for 11 Million"

Remember all the Hispanic immigrants on the Mall when the government was shut down? Their presence was welcome to Obama when the veterans were turned away. It was more important to protect their rally than pay for the funerals of fallen soldiers. And why was that? Dead soldiers don’t vote.

Obama as Lincoln

Takeover Theater

Perhaps, it will go something like this. Obama will remind the nation of it’s slave-holding-past. Illegal immigrants will be likened to the slaves who once lived and labored without rights? Corporations will be the plantation owners oppressing the downtrodden, and all those opposed will be demonized as racist.

Of course, President Obama will play the role of Abraham Lincoln in this drama. My guess is that  he will issue a new Emancipation Proclamation declaring all illegals to be instant citizens. Eleven million votes will give the Congress and the Presidency to the Democrats for the next fifty years. Obama knows that.

Imagine eleven million new Hispanic citizens standing in lines to register as Democrats just before November, 2014. The nation will be instantly wrenched away from the people and Socialists will seize control of a one-party-America.What’s to stop Obama? He can do anything and the media won’t oppose it.

Never mind that none of this is within his Constitutional power as President. We shouldn’t expect him to even blink at those restrictions. He’s a tyrant, and to criticize him is racist. If the Republican controlled House of Representatives opposes him, Obama and the Senate will stonewall, demonize and force a government crisis while the mainline media promotes their tyranny as righteousness. It’s worked so far.

Presto…America transformed into a socialist-one-party-state. Hold onto your Constitution, the chaos is coming. That’s his fundamental transformation. We used to call that Communism. We used to know that was tyranny. Sadly, not anymore.



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The Battle of Tours Made Hitler Unhappy

When you bring up the subject of the Middle East today, most Americans believe the nations of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and Arabia have always been Islamic. That’s not the truth. As a matter of fact, it’s pure myth.

The nation of Israel emerged in the 13th Century BC nearly two thousand years before Islam. Christianity began as an offshoot of Judaism inside Israel and spread throughout the Mediterranean World for 650 years prior to Islam which didn’t begin until the 7th Century AD.

Roman Emperor Constantine

By the middle of the 4th Century AD, fifty-six percent of the Roman Empire had converted to Christianity, including the Emperor, Constantine. Faith in Jesus changed society so much that this Roman Emperor called a meeting of all Christian bishops in 325 AD in the city of Nicaea where they defined the orthodox statement of Christian belief known today as the Nicaean Creed. That event took place three hundred years before Muhammad’s birth.

Notice the date. Christianity had evangelized the Roman Empire within three hundred years after Jesus’ death! Over half the people of the entire Roman world were Christians, and that included Palestine.

So…the nations of the Middle East were Christian long before Islam even existed, and the idea that Jews and Crusaders robbed Muslim lands is an Islamic myth. The truth is the reverse. The Muslim armies came two thousand years after Israel and 650 years after Christianity. It was Islam who stole the lands of Christians and Jews by force.

In eighty-one years after Muhammad’s death Islamic armies spread their religious crusade over the nations of Christendom stretching from the Arabian Peninsula to the Atlantic Ocean. Musa ibn Nusair, the Muslim governor of North Africa completed the conquest of Spain in 713 AD. Thereafter, Spain was renamed Al Andalus and France came next on the schedule of Muslim world conquest.

Abdul Rhaman

The new governor of Al Andalus, Abdul Rahman, marched north from Spain across the Pyrenees Mountains into Southern France with an undefeated army reinforced by 80,000 cavalry. As with the back of his hand he captured and sacked the cities of Toulouse and Bordeaux.

Only a decisive defeat south of Paris at the Battle of Tours October 10, 732 AD halted their advance. There Charles Martel and a Frankish Army of 30,000 foot soldiers stopped Islam’s advance into Europe. The historian, Edward Creasy, said it was one of the fifteen most decisive battles of the world.

For nearly two hundred years the protection of Rome had faded around the edges of the empire, so the church leaders such as Saint Remigius reached out to the barbarian kings. The result was the conversion and spread of Christianity among the Franks in the 6th and 7th Centuries in the area known today as France.

The church taught Frankish leaders faith, civil order, and the role of leadership in protecting civilization. By the time the actual Battle of Tours took place in the 8th Century, Charles Martel had been training his professional army of Franks for ten years in anticipation of an Islamic invasion.

Charles Martel

By using back pathways instead of Roman roads the Franks took Abdul Rahman’s army by surprise. Positioned above them and on a hill walled in by forest on both sides the only attack for the Muslims was a frontal assault uphill into the twenty foot spears of Charles Martel’s disciplined phalanx. It was a battle plan they had prepared ten years to execute, and Martel had picked the time and place in such a manner as to negate the advantages of the infamous Muslim cavalry.

Rahman tried to get the Franks out into the open with taunts and insults. Martel waited. Seven days he waited enduring the insults as they stood in the way of Abdul Rahman’s advance. Finally, Rahman’s army charged.

Battle of Tours

The repeated and ferocious attacks by superior numbers of Muslim cavalry proved unable to break the discipline of the Franks who mauled the Muslims inflicting casualties on a ratio of 10 to 1 that amounted to over 10,000 dead Muslims including their leader. Then with Abdul Rahman dead, his defeated army withdrew from France going back to Spain. The Franks at Tours proved to be the wall and the high water mark of Muslim conquest for some time to come.

Historians of our modern era remember this battle for its importance even though it took place 1300 years ago. According to military historian, Kennedy Hickman:

“Charles’ victory at the Battle of Tours saved Western Europe from the Muslim invasions and was a turning point in European history.”

Perhaps even more revealing is the rage expressed against the outcome of the Battle of Tours by Adolf Hitler, himself. In the same breath he praised Islam and attacked Christianity. Hitler said:

“Had Charles Martel not been victorious at Tours …Then we should in all probability have been converted to Mohammedanism. Then the Germanic races would have conquered the world. Christianity alone prevented them from doing so.”

Islamic Nazi Alliance is forged

The genocidal dictator of Nazi Germany grudgingly recognized the spread of Christianity for the victory. And from his ramblings that day in late August of 1942, there is little wonder why Hitler forged an alliance with Islam during World War II in order to destroy the Jews.

He looked out over the centuries and saw a kindred spirit. And when he approached the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem he counted on the fact that thirteen centuries of time had not changed their minds. In fact, he even said he preferred to be a Muslim by conquest.

Lucky for Western Civilization the Battle of Tours made Hitler unhappy. While Charles Martel and his army at Tours receive credit for stopping the advance of Islam and preserving Christian civilization in Europe, the impact of that remains with us through our present day.

Sadly, Americans are generally ignorant of this timeline in history. The truth is that Islam has been the aggressor for fourteen centuries forcing their political system and values upon other nations. The real danger is for America.

U.S. President Obama Bows to Islam

Islam always builds Mosques as monuments over conquered territory as a symbol of triumph. That’s why today there is an Islamic mosque-building-boom throughout America. We have already begun to submit. Obama has made it clear to Islam that America’s head is now bowed.

America, the great nation that defended the world from Nazi tyranny has gone stupid. What the Japanese and the Germans failed to do by war Islam has accomplished by deceit. As President, Thomas Jefferson defended America from Islamic tyranny. Instead, President Obama bows and submits. It just makes you wonder if somewhere in hell Hitler is smiling.







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A Vision for America

The year was 1979 and I had just finished my lunch when I picked up the sports section of the Chicago Tribune left on the large round table I was seated at and began to read. I noticed something strange in the center of the page and looked in amazement as the newspaper burned away from the center towards the edges revealing a strange picture that replaced the center of the newspaper.

It was a map of the Persian Gulf with the nation of Iraq in the focus. That dissolved to reveal 500,000 American troops arrayed with tanks and warplanes along the Gulf. That scene dissolved as the warplanes filled the sky and the tanks moved out and crossed the border invading Iraq.

While all this happened my mind was filled by a news story that summarized the events as they passed before my eyes. There was no audible voice, and no visible words to read, nevertheless, the story recorded itself in my mind in sync with the video as I watched. I guess you can imagine, I couldn’t take my eyes off of what I was seeing.

Somehow, I realized these were events to come. The United States armed forces were going to fight a war in Iraq. The fighting would end in one week and the power and technology displayed by the U.S. stunned the world. We lost less than five hundred soldiers while our enemy lost 35,000. How could this be possible? I wondered.

Before another thought came to mind the scene switched again to reveal American soldiers walking towards me. I could see their faces, their rifles, and their helmets. Their faces were striped diagonally with black streaks. Their helmets had eyepieces that looked like binoculars and their rifles were pointed down. They walked across the desert during daylight while strange black clouds covered the sunshine. Behind them were bright yellow fires coming up from the ground shooting thick black smoke upward making a canopy between the sky and the earth.

The scene cleared away and the map came back into view. This time the nation was Iran. I saw American ships moving towards Iran and knew our forces went back to fight another war, this time with Persia. I saw no details of battles or soldiers. I only knew this was a second war that we won, but it was more costly. It took longer and the American people grew weary. Public opinion said, “It wasn’t worth the cost.”

Following the second conflict with Iran the United States had financial problems to solve. I remember being encouraged knowing that the people of America rallied themselves and took the steps necessary to solve our problems. We regained our economy and our strength, but not without changes in the world. During the time of our recovery, America stepped down from being the world leader, not by design, but by necessity. America moved on, but so did the world.

The vision ended. The newspaper went back to normal. I looked up at the clock to find my lunchtime was over and I went back to my work. Until now I’ve never shared this vision publically. Remember, this took place thirty-three years ago in 1979. Not long afterwards the United States embassy in Iran was overrun by radical Islamists and our diplomats in the Embassy were taken hostage.

In 1980 Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini declared war against the United States and called all Muslim nations to participate saying, “Let the Muslim nations be aware that Iran is a nation effectively at war with America…We are ready to be killed and we have made a covenant with Allah to follow the path of our leader, the Lord of the martyrs.”

I began to think I had gotten the entire vision confused. So it goes with premonitions and visions. Many people have them. Abraham Lincoln saw his own death just days before it occurred. On the other hand, prophets often saw visions of the future they struggled to describe in the words of their time.

All I knew was that the strange premonition spoke to me of something in our nation’s future. Like many others with such visions that had no immediate fulfillment, I simply forgot about it. Even Abraham Lincoln told his wife he placed no special credence in his dream.

Twelve years later, however, the United States fought a war with Iraq and the details I had seen about the future took place exactly as shown to me. I was stunned. Still, the details of Afghanistan, 9/11, and Gulf War II were not part of the vision, so I kept quiet figuring I somehow missed the truth…until now.

Joel Richardson’s book, MidEast Beast, explains how prophetic visions are often seen on a flat plane, a highlight reel without the details. After reading his explanation I better understood my own experiences.

History has proven that the events I saw twelve years in advance were 100% dead accurate. I have no reason to doubt anything else in the vision. What’s more, today’s news warns us that these events are on the horizon and ready to overtake the world.

Iran seeks a first strike nuclear capacity. Exactly as the Persian Prime Minister, Haman, sought to annihilate the Jews of ancient history, the current Persian Prime Minister, Ahmadinejad seeks to annihilate Israel. Make no mistake, we are identified with Israel.

America is accused in the Islamist world as the cause of Israel’s existence and survival. They have it backwards. The Judeo-Christian culture gave birth to America. We exist because of Israel, not the other way around. And by the way, it was Britain who came up with the idea to reestablish Israel, not America.

On Tuesday 9/11/2012 radical Islam celebrated their 2001 assault on America by attacking us in Egypt and killing four diplomats in Libya. This is old news.

Since the early days of our republic, radical Islam has repeatedly attacked America. The Marine Hymn memorializes our first victory on, “the shores of Tripoli,” in 1805 against the Islamists in Libya that attacked our embassy, raided our ships and enslaved our citizens.

Thomas Jefferson asked the Tripoli ambassador why they made war on us. He told Jefferson it was their duty as Muslims to plunder, enslave and kill all non-Muslim sinners. Understanding the situation, President Jefferson sent the U.S. Navy to blockade their ports, raid their shipping and crush their economy. We won they lost.

But President Obama sees things differently. He believes Islam is violent against America because someone offended them; George Bush, American troops, American corporations, American Christians, Israel, and now, an amateur filmmaker. Obama believes his very presence will remove that offense. Like Narcissus in Greek mythology, Obama has fallen in love with his own image. He is self-deceived and apparently too arrogant to change his worldview even in the face of reality.

It’s time for America to realize that history has overtaken us once again. We cannot hide from an aggressive Islamic world that promises nuclear destruction of American cities and the annihilation of our friend and ally, Israel. It’s time for us to send a clear message. If we don’t back them off, Americans better find their closest bomb shelter.

The number one job of an American President is to protect U.S. citizens, not change America. All the health insurance in the world means nothing if our cities are in cinders. From the times of Thomas Jefferson the Islamists have attacked America because we exist, yet Obama thinks his presence will change history in that regard. It’s evident he sees himself as superior to all the rest of the American Presidents.

The historic leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sayyid Qtab, said that all nations belong to Islam, so Muslims must go forth and conquer. So, viewing it from their eyes, Obama is not anointed for peace, but an invitation to war. They see him as a weakling that invites them every 9/11 to dance on the graves of Americans. That’s exactly what the news is. They will attack and claim we offended them, and he will apologize.

Worse yet, President Obama’s self deceit is enabling the rise of a fascist Islamic empire with a first-strike nuclear strategy. Perhaps next year on 9/11 Islam will celebrate with a nuclear surprise attack on America.

I can only say that I’ve seen the highlight reel. I don’t know the details other than what I’ve written here. Though the days ahead are difficult, we will triumph. I believe we Americans will solve our problems. One thing is sure about the details I didn’t see; Americans will face the consequences of their choices in the very near future.




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Nationalized Health Care: The Flying Elephant

Why would any American oppose the idea of medical care for a needy person? Aren’t the needs of the downtrodden our nation’s purpose? Doesn’t our Statue of Liberty say:

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest–tossed to me…”

America is a beacon of liberty that shines into the dark corners of the earth and gives hope to the oppressed. For over two centuries this nation has held its arms open to the poor, the refugee, the persecuted and the downtrodden of other nations. As a journalist I’ve personally interviewed many immigrants with exceptional stories of hardship and success. Why did they come to America? Their answers are almost unanimous. They yearned for a better life in a nation of liberty.

Why, then, would any American oppose the idea of medical care for a needy person? Isn’t that the very reason we exist? Isn’t that the reason people come here? Wasn’t America founded to provide life, liberty and happiness to all who find refuge here?

NO, THAT’S NOT WHY AMERICA EXISTS. Despite the arguments for nationalized health care, America is not in existence to provide anything to anybody, but to promote and protect what God has already provided; the rights of man.

There is a big difference between providing for people and protecting what already exists. One is the role of Providence, the other is the role of sovereign governments….or so our founders thought when they designed America.

The language of the document that began the United States, The Declaration of Independence, carefully recognized that our rights come from “The Creator,” not the state or the king or anybody on earth.

The job of government was to create a system of law by which those “blessings” of liberty were continuously protected. That legal system is our U.S. Constitution. Its Preamble states that our Constitution was created “to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

When the Constitution was adopted, it had to be approved by at least ¾ of the State Legislatures because the states were giving up certain individual authority to the central government for the benefits they would gain from the union. These benefits were written as powers of the Federal Government in the Constitution, such as; a national army and navy, a national currency, interstate commerce without interstate tariffs, open borders between states, and so forth as written.

The question remains: Is health care a “right-of-mankind endowed by the Creator?”  That argument has always been a stretch. It’s just as easy to argue that seeking proper health care is the responsibility of every individual, and the essence of liberty is the freedom of choice to make good or bad decisions. So, the Democrats sold their nationalized health care system as, “providing for the poor.”

The Obama Administration argued before The Supreme Court that their nationalized health care law protected interstate commerce and promoted the general welfare of the people. These are both provisions of federal powers specifically stated in The Constitution.

Nowhere did our Constitution come close to talking about a nationalized medical system. That has always been the dream of socialists seeking to take over the United States system, and it has always been argued as a promotion of the “general welfare” from Article I Section 8 of the powers to tax. Otherwise, the government has no money to fund their health care industry; an industry that requires everybody to pay whether they use the services or not.

On top of that, to administer the system the government must decide the costs of procedures, rather than the free market. That’s the essence of socialism. The government decides the salaries and the prices according to how much they take from us in taxes.

Since life is “above price or of limitless value,” the government must now decide how much to pay to save a life.  It’s the inescapable trap that exposes the government in it’s takeover of rights disguised as a protector of rights. Now, every American’s life must be defined to have a dollar value.

Historically, kidnapping has been a death offense because it places a ransom value on an infinite life. Now, the government commits the same offense as the kidnapper. They must decide your ransom. How much will they say your life is worth? It exposes this scheme for what it is, a lie. How can our government protect a life of limitless value by assigning a monetary value to it? That’s a contradiction by itself. So, are the Democrats acting like thugs and kidnappers?

The enforcement of the premiums of the government health care industry will be accomplished through the Internal Revenue Service, our national taxation bureau. Yet, Obama repeatedly sold the plan to the public as our national responsibility. His plan would be cheaper than private industry health premiums. The government would provide health care without a tax.  Everybody gets care, costs go down, and no new taxes. It’s a miracle!

No, it’s a flying elephant! ……….. a lie.

The Chief Justice of The Supreme Court saw through that lie and called it what it is. This is a new law that sets up a national health care system through a multitude of new taxes that begin on the next income tax forms of every company, individual, and family in America. There are twenty-one new taxes and ten thousand new regulations written into the government’s takeover of the health care industry.

So, now that the government can require you to buy their health plan or be fined, what else can they require all Americans to buy…or not be allowed to buy? As long as it promotes or provides for the general-welfare-as-they-see-it, the list could be without limits; child care, new nationalized railroads and bullet trains, better mail service, electric cars, green energy, etc. Of course, we’ll have the choice to not participate in these future programs by paying a fee, or dare I say, “another tax.”

When I was a boy the cost of a stamp was 4 cents. Then, it went up to 5 cents and every few years a little more until now stamps have no price printed on them. “Forever stamps” that guarantee the Post Office continuous price increases without notifying the public. But at least you have the choice to buy or not to buy stamps.

With the new health care takeover you must pay for their program whether you buy it or not. And you must pay their “forever costs” whether you approve of them or not. I wonder, what the “forever stamps” of Obamacare will cost ten years from now?

Do Americans really think this most gigantic of all government agencies, Obamacare, will not increase in expense continuously just like the post office did? What’s to stop it? There’s no competition allowed. Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot. Government industry without competition is by definition, socialism.

Norman Thomas, the six-time Presidential candidate of the Socialist Party, said that the American people will never vote for socialism unless it is disguised. That’s why the argument for nationalized health care has always been their “preferred-tool-of-takeover.” Playing on the soul of compassionate Americans to care for the “storm-tossed-huddled-masses,” it’s a slick way to sell tyranny to the free.

There was never a need for the government to take over the health care industry in America unless there is hidden motive for that takeover. In the name of “health and safety” the government can now regulate everything from private manufacturing to food to energy production.

Marxist Socialism disguised as medicine is exactly what the Socialist Party called for in their dream of taking over America fifty years ago. It’s evident that’s always been the hope and change Obama dreamed of, the Socialist Republic of America. Within a decade the United States will implode financially just like Russia did, and we’ll look back on the Obama Presidency as the Gang of Bolsheviks who engineered that downfall.

In all fairness, many Democratic voters are already converted to Marxism without knowing it. They look to the government as their provider. In America that role has always been left to “The Creator.” The first tenant of Marxism, however, is that god doesn’t exist. Since there is no god for the Marxist to answer to, the only human rights that exist are determined by the government. That’s the definition of absolute power… otherwise defined as Tyranny.

Obama said, “I want to fundamentally change America,” but according to the United States Constitution, that’s not the role of the President of the United States. No matter, candidate Obama was above The Constitution. So, from the beginning, Obama defined himself with the language of a tyrant.

Standing before the Greek columns in 2008, Sheppard Obama promised greener pastures to all, and the sheep followed him. Now that we’ve turned the corner into Marxist socialism, the decision for American voters is: Do we want the founders America, or the brave new world of Obama’s tyranny?

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Benjamin Netanyahu, “I will never gamble with Israel’s security.”

Washington, D.C., March 5, 2012

In a speech to the American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) Monday evening Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, demonstrated historic stature. The world watched as this leader of a tiny nation took on the largest of responsibilities and dangers with the clear thinking of a Biblical hero. And in so doing, he is leading and reminding the world of what a Biblical leader looks like…courageous, resolute, tested, confident, clear-thinking, and not without humor.

Publicly exposing the Iranian lies surrounding their pursuits for nuclear bombs, he said, “A country that builds underground nuclear facilities, develops intercontinental ballistic missiles, manufactures thousands of centrifuges, and absorbs crippling sanctions – is doing all that in order to advance…medical research? ……..Yeah, right… Ladies and Gentlemen, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then what is it?”  The audience laughed and answered, “A duck!”

Mr. Netanyahu quickly outlined Iran’s forty year history of terrorism saying, “It sponsors Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza and terrorists throughout the Middle East, Africa, and South America. Iran’s proxies have dispatched hundreds of suicide bombers, planted thousands of roadside bombs, and fired over twenty thousand missiles at civilians. It has seized embassies, targeted diplomats and sent its own children through mine fields. This is how Iran behaves today, without nuclear weapons. Think of how they will behave tomorrow, with nuclear weapons.”

As this sobering thought hung in the room,  he pressed home his point challenging the world community to think clearly and apply reality.  Today, without nuclear weapons, Iran threatens to cut off access to the Persian Gulf by blockading the Straits of Hormuz.  Mr. Netanyahu warned that a nuclear armed Iran will have the means to  blackmail the entire world while holding the nations hostage over their need for oil.

“And the worst nightmare of all,” he continued. “Iran could threaten all of us with nuclear terrorism. It could put a nuclear device in a ship heading to any port or in a truck parked in any city. Think about what it would mean to have nuclear weapons in the hands of radicals who lead millions in chants of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”

Stating it is, “preposterous that we should accept a world in which the Ayatollahs have atomic bombs,” Israel’s Prime Minister counseled, “My friends, responsible leaders should not bet the security of their countries on the belief that the world’s most dangerous regime won’t use the world’s most dangerous weapons.”

“I will never gamble with the security of the State of Israel,” he said. The crowd erupted in applause.

Then, defining the principle of Israel’s national sovereignty, Mr. Netanyahu said, “The purpose of the Jewish state is to secure the Jewish future. That is why Israel must always have the ability to defend itself, by itself, against any threat.” Thunderous applause and cheers followed this statement.

But his most powerful sentence came after he exposed the Iranian lies and painted the picture of a world soon to suffer the insane whims of nuclear armed radical Islamic Mullahs.

In a tone resolute with warning for both the White House and the Iranian leaders, Mr. Netanyahu said, “As Prime Minister of Israel, I will never let my people live in the shadow of annihilation.”

There can be little doubt as to what that statement means. Israel has already decided they will do away with the Iranian nuclear program. America can help or get out of the way, but we will not stop them, nor should we try.

The speech concluded with a reminder that soon Israel will celebrate “Purim.” The Prime Minister didn’t go into the historical background of the celebration, but simply explained that Purim is a remembrance of their deliverance and of a great Jewish heroine, Esther.

The entire story is found in the Old Testament of the Bible in the Book of Esther. I looked it up.

Purim commemorates their deliverance from an Iranian of the past, the Persian Prime Minister, Haman. An anti-Semite like Hitler, Haman planned the extermination of the Jews, but was foiled by Queen Esther, the Israeli wife of the Persian King. In another one of those Biblical reverses where Jewish enemies were destroyed, Haman and his entire family were publicly executed by the King of Persia on the very gallows built to execute the Jews.

After reading the story myself, I thought: Isn’t it interesting that Purim took place in ancient Iran, known as Persia. And isn’t it interesting that Mr. Netanyahu used this reference to end his speech.

Today, Persia’s Prime Minister Haman is named Ahmadinejad. Looks like he’ll soon discover the consequences of planning Jewish annihilation. Follow me closely; I don’t think Allah wins this one.

G.S. McGregor

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Obama to Israel, “I’ve got your back.”

Washington, D.C., March 4, 2012

11:00 Sunday morning President Obama addressed a large crowd of supporters at The American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) in Washington. The speech reassured Israel of America’s support and commitment, and clearly sent a message that our two nations will not tolerate Iran having nuclear bombs. “A nuclear-armed Iran is completely counter to Israel’s security interests,” said the President. After a slight pause he added, “But it is also counter to the national security interests of the United States.”

That, my fellow Americans, is a warning. For any American President to publicly identify another nation as a threat to our national security is a diplomatic shot across their bow.

According to intelligence reports some time still exists for a peaceful solution. “The United States and Israel both assess that Iran does not yet have a nuclear weapon, and we are exceedingly vigilant in monitoring their program… Iran’s leaders still have the opportunity to make the right decision,” the President said.

As the speech moved on, however, President Obama sent a clear message to Iran. Their time to change course is very short. That’s because Obama knows that Iran armed with nukes represents a clear and present danger to the American homeland.

In fact two years before Obama took office, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran boasted they would soon gain nuclear capabilities and threatened that when that day comes Muslim rage would shower waves of explosions on both America and Israel. It’s taken Obama four years, but he has apparently realized he’s dealing with a madman…a madman who is within a few weeks of getting nuclear bombs.

Regarding Israel’s close proximity to Iran the President said, “No Israeli government can tolerate a nuclear weapon in the hands of a regime that denies the Holocaust, threatens to wipe Israel off the map, and sponsors terrorist groups committed to Israel’s destruction.”

The President recognized that Iran has a thirty-year-history of antagonizing the U.S. and indicated little hope for a change in attitude.  “We all prefer to resolve this issue diplomatically,” he said, and then warned the world of what is soon to come:

“Iran’s leaders should have no doubt about the resolve of the United States…I have said that when it comes to preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, I will take no options off the table, and I mean what I say. That includes all elements of American power… And as I’ve made clear time and again during the course of my presidency, I will not hesitate to use force when it is necessary to defend the United States and its interests.”

In the course of his three thousand word speech the President referred twenty-six times to actions his administration has taken to insure Israeli security. Using the words I, me, my, and our sixty-six times Mr. Obama pointed again and again to himself and his actions as the evidence of trustworthiness. The speech screamed out for Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel to give him a second chance after his pre-1967 borders debacle.

It was a clear attempt to get the Jewish vote for his re-election by reassuring these American supporters of Israel that the U.S. would not tolerate Iran’s nuclear threats of Israel, and that Obama has Israel’s back.

At least one prominent Israeli seemed unimpressed as the President finished. Immediately following the speech Fox News interviewed Prime Minister Netanyahu’s former Chief of Staff, Naftali Bennett.  He is an attorney who served as a company commander in Israel’s elite counter-terrorism unit, Sayerat Matkal, and maintains connections into the highest level Israeli intelligence. For the last two weeks he has warned that Iran will soon have nukes. “President Obama is talking with big words and carrying a twig,” Bennett said.

That’s the impression the Middle East has of our President, weakness…lots of words and skillful teleprompter reading. That moved the crowds in America for votes, but Israelis view the world differently. Where the war front is on the border of Israel, leaders have steel juevos or they don’t survive. As an elite Israeli commando, Naftali Bennett led his men from out in front under fire. He doesn’t care much about Obama’s words. He wants to know if Obama really has Israel’s back.

G.S. McGregor


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Obama has anti-Semitic roots

Barack Obama said he is a friend of Israel and a supporter of the American-Israeli relationship, but his policy towards Israel is anti-Semitic. My guess is that twenty years of personal friendship and pastoring  by Rev. Wright twisted Obama’s worldview. Let me explain.

Jeremiah Wright is tight with the Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, who labels Jews as a race of devils, deviates, and usurpers. In 1984 and 1987 Farrakhan and Wright traveled together to Libya for private audiences with Muammar Khadafy, the former  dictator who called for Israel’s destruction. Then after Obama’s election Khadafy said both Rev. Wright and President Obama were, “his friends.”

Why were they viewed as friends of Khadafy? The answer is simple; Khadafy saw both Rev. Wright and President Obama advancing the Islamist cause in America. What is the Islamist cause? America must comply with Islamic law and Islamic demands worldwide…lest we offend the empire of Islam, Allah, Muhammad, and the Muslims.

So, how is Rev. Wright advancing the cause of radical Islam? Do we remember the famous Rev. Wright line about the 9/11 attacks when he preached, “America’s chickens have come home to roost!” He gleefully blamed America for causing Islamic terrorists to attack the United States. How could he say such a thing? Simple, that’s his worldview, and it agrees with radical Islam. Here’s why.

In The Life of Muhammad, one of the three sources of Islamic law, on page 288 it states that unbelief in Allah is an offense that warrants death. And in another source of Islamic law, The Quran (8:55-60), direct revelations made to Muhammad said that acting against Allah’s will deserved war. So, any civilization that offends Allah deserves to be attacked, and it’s their fault for causing the war.

There’s your answer; Rev. Wright agreed with Islamic law interpreted by those who planned, financed and carried out the massacres of 9/11. Americans offended Islam and Allah so we deserved Islamic terror attacks that killed 3000 unarmed civilians. We brought war upon ourselves by not complying with the demands of Islamic imperialism. After all, Muhammad said, “I was ordered to fight all men until they say, ‘There is no god but Allah.’”

So, Rev. Wright advanced radical Islam’s cause by holding audience with Islamic dictators then preaching their arguments in America disguised as doctrines of Jesus.

As for President Obama advancing Islam’s cause; he called for Israel to retreat to the pre-1967 borders as the prerequisite for Middle East peace talks.

However, if you’re not over 55 or schooled in modern Israeli history, you probably don’t know what happened in the 1967 Middle East. So, let me explain.

Outnumbering Israel 25 to 1 in soldiers and equipment, in late May 1967 the United Arab armies massed their forces under one command along Israel’s land borders. There they waited for the final command to invade Israel from three directions and destroy the Jewish state.

To have the slightest hope of survival, Israel had to gain some kind of advantage against such numbers…and they did. They broke the command code used by the four Arab armies and listened in as the Arabs planned their attack.

Before the Arab Armies launched their three-pronged invasion, the Israeli Defense Forces surprised the world with a lightning preemptive strike known as The Six Day War. As the Arab forces prepared to launch their attack, Israel struck first catching their foes concentrated in mass on the ground and inflicting devastating losses.

The map of the Middle East changed in less than a week as Israel took and occupied portions of Egypt, Jordan and Syria. The Arab Armies were crushed in what appeared a Biblical-style-defeat. By sunset of the very first day of the war the Israeli Air Force destroyed 454 enemy aircraft. By the second day of the war Israel controlled the skies. But the drama that followed on the third day overshadowed everything else.

Since the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman Legions in 70 AD, Jews the world over consoled each other with the words, “next year in Jerusalem.” It’s a phrase of hope that says someday, perhaps next year, the Jews scattered across the world will be able to freely return and worship in Jerusalem.

On the morning of June 7, 1967 those words came true as Israeli forces captured Jerusalem’s Old City and the Western Wall of King Solomon’s 3000-year-old temple. A brief emotional phrase came across the radio from General Gur commanding the paratroopers to General Narkiss. “The Temple Mount is in our hands,” said Gur. Within a few hours his words were broadcast across the earth.

For two thousand years since the Roman Army conquered Israel and renamed it Palestine until June 7, 1967 this relic of Hebrew Civilization and the City of Jerusalem remained in the hands of foreign powers. Only hours before Israel had looked into the face of destruction and annihilation. Instead, by the most dramatic turn of events, after 2000 years they had returned home.

However, four months later by October of 1967, the Arabs were appealing to the United States to “make the Israelis give back” the territories they captured in the war, including Jerusalem. So, after the Arab nations lost, they decided to dictate the terms of peace. How hilariously self-deceived is that?

The United Arab armies were vanquished in six days by Israel, yet the Arabs decided to use America to tell Israel what was necessary for peace? They forgot one detail. In war the winners always dictate terms to the losers. Responding to their asinine proposal, Senator Hugh Scott wrote, “America’s best interest lies in strengthening Israel, not weakening her…there is nothing to be gained by making Israel smaller, weaker, and more vulnerable.” So, from 1967 on this notion has always been absurd…except if you’re promoting the Islamic agenda.

That’s why Obama exposed his antisemitism by asking the Jews of Israel to return to the weakness and vulnerability of the pre-1967 borders.  Since 1967 the territory Israel captured provides land buffers against further Arab invasions. Today, Arab nations can’t attack Israel in force without crossing open territory. Yet, our President wants Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israelis to make their land indefensible and give up Jerusalem. This is the 45-year-old Islamist position resolved at the Khartoum Conference of Arab States held three months after losing the Six Day War of 1967. To Israelis Obama’s request was so absurd that it caused this cartoon in an Israeli newspaper:

Wherever Muammar Khadafy abides in eternity, I’m sure he’s applauding for Obama. It’s apparent that you can take the President out of Rev. Wright’s church, but you can’t take Rev. Wright’s church out of the President.

G.S. McGregor

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Iranian Nukes “Unacceptable” to U.S.

Just two months ago on Monday, December 19, 2011, while most of us were in the midst of the holidays and office parties, the United States Department of Defense released a public statement bombshell. Warning Americans that another radical Islamic conflict is fast approaching, Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, told Scott Pelley on the CBS Evening News that in less than a year Iran can have a nuclear bomb. The Secretary left little doubt as to what that means:

Pelley: So are you saying that Iran can have a nuclear weapon in 2012?

Panetta: It would probably be about a year before they can do it. Perhaps a little less. But one proviso, Scott, is if they have a hidden facility somewhere in Iran that may be enriching fuel.

Pelley: So that they can develop a weapon even more quickly…

Panetta: On a faster track….

Pelley: Than we believe….

Panetta: That’s correct.

Pelley: If the Israelis decide to launch a military strike to prevent that weapon from being built, what sort of complications does that raise for you?

Panetta: Well, we share the same common concern. The United States does not want Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. That’s a red line for us and that’s a red line, obviously, for the Israelis. If we have to do it we will deal with it.

Pelley: You just said if we have to do it we will come and do it. What is it?

Panetta: If they proceed and we get intelligence that they are proceeding with developing a nuclear weapon then we will take whatever steps necessary to stop it.

Pelley: Including military steps?

Panetta: There are no options off the table

Pelley: A nuclear weapon in Iran is…

Panetta: Unacceptable.

Why Iranian Nukes Are Unacceptable:

It’s unacceptable because the Iranian leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, called America the number one enemy of all mankind and Israel the number two enemy. Then, in 1981 he said, “Iran is at war with the United States.”

It’s unacceptable because in 2001 Former Iranian President Rafsanjani said he wanted to nuke our ally, Israel, bragging that the day Iran got nuclear weapons a nuclear bomb would explode on Israel leaving nothing.

It’s unacceptable because the current President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said, “Israel must be wiped off from the map of the world, and … we shall soon experience a world without America and Zionism.”

It’s unacceptable because the Iranian President gleefully bragged that the Iranian people now possess nuclear technology and the world will tremble at what that means.

It’s unacceptable because Ahmadinejad boasted that Muslim rage would soon bring waves of explosions reaching America, Israel, and other nations.

It’s unacceptable for Iran to have nuclear weapons because for more than a decade their leaders have threatened the United States, Israel, and other nations with a pre-emptive nuclear strike.

Why America waited 40 Years:

Forty-one years ago Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini declared war against the United States. From 1981 until today the United States waited patiently for Iran to renounce the declaration. During those years we hoped Iran would come to her senses, but to no avail. Things have continually gone from bad to worse. Our Iranian enemy said we waited out of weakness. Never! We waited from strength.

The United States Navy has 18 Ohio Class Trident nuclear missile submarines (SSBN’s) on active duty patrolling the world this very day. They are specifically designed to approach by stealth and shower an enemy with multiple nuclear warheads with absolutely no warning. They submerge and don’t surface for their entire cruise making them undetectable by an enemy. They travel submerged at 25 knots (30mph) 800 feet beneath the ocean’s surface with refueling necessary once every twenty years.

Each sub has twenty-four Trident II Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. Launched in stealth from underwater, each of these solid fuel rockets is expected to have a fight time of just 12 to 24 minutes and could hit targets up to 6,000 miles away within an accuracy space of 10 yards. At least one submarine is within range of Iran at this moment.

One sub launched missile packs 8 independent 475-kiloton nuclear warheads. When detonated, the 300,000 degree fireball from each warhead is three miles wide sustaining temperatures over 15,000 degrees. Within three seconds after detonation 165 mph winds blast outward creating 64 square miles of destruction from a single warhead. Since each missile has eight such warheads, using overlapping deployment technique, a total nuclear blast area melts 500 square miles with each missile.

The multiple warheads of one missile from a trident submarine can completely destroy both the Iranian cities of Tehran and Mashhad in less than thirty minutes from right now. Am I making myself clear?

All twenty-four missiles on any one trident submarine can be launched within fifteen minutes and reach their targets in a half hour. In other words, each trident submarine has the capability of delivering 192 overlapping nuclear explosions within less than an hour anywhere in the world creating a destructive nuclear blast area of 12,000 square miles. The payload from one Trident submarine will obliterate Iran in thirty minutes. And since the U.S.A. has 18 SSBN’s we could unload more subs if necessary on anybody who might object.

We know that today, Iran seeks nuclear weapons to launch strikes against Israel and the United States. In contrast, twenty four hours a day and seven days a week for over forty years since Khomeini declared war on us, the United States Navy has possessed the ability to approach with stealth and shower the entire Iranian Civilization and her allies with nuclear destruction the temperature of the sun within any hour of any day…no warning. They live today because we hoped never to harm them… that time has passed.

Iran’s Time is up:

The first responsibility of The President of The United States is the protection of the American people and the homeland. Nothing else compares to that. In a matter of weeks Iran will have a nuclear bomb and they are already bragging about using it on us. If they do, we need take no caution to protect any Iranian from our harshest response.

I can’t imagine the Iranian people want to risk such a tragedy. Perhaps we should find a way to remind President Ahmadinejad of the consequences of a nuclear strike against us. Who knows? Perhaps there is a chance he could stop believing his own foolish posturing. America is by no means weak; instead we are armed to the teeth yet strong willed enough to restrain ourselves.

Tragically though, Ahmadinejad still believes nuclear war is to Islam’s advantage. Calling America a paper tiger, he said that Allah wills Islam to conquer the world and destroy America and Israel.

So, given the Islamo-fascist agenda for world conquest and chaos, the way I see it America has three choices:

1. We can cowardly abandon our ally, Israel.
2. We can wait to see if Iran fulfills her threats and launches a nuclear strike that will cost a million dead American and Israeli citizens.
3. We can strike first.

G. Scott McGregor

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Peeling the Obama Onion

While Barak Obama ran for the Presidency in 2008 very few reporters investigated his background. When, Sean Hannity questioned Obama’s political sympathies and ties to the radical black liberation preacher, Jeremiah Wright, the Fox News reporter was accused of racism and bigotry. Of course, no other reporters wanted any part of that. Instead, they experienced thrills like Chris Mathews whenever Obama spoke.

Nevertheless, Sean Hannity’s red flag peeled back the first layer of the “Obama Onion.” From the first days of his Presidency a constant string of strange policies, attitudes and tactics continued unfolding that made us wonder, What’s up with that?

In Cairo, Egypt Obama denied our Judeo-Christian heritage claiming instead that Islam played the key role in America’s foundations. Then, this President, who claimed to be a Christian, held Muslim celebrations of Ramadan in the White House and wouldn’t comment on Christmas or Easter because that could be offensive to others. He bowed from the waist to the Islamic King of Arabia and snubbed the Prime Minister of Israel. Stripping off all symbols of his Presidential office he sent a “desk-top-video-talking-head” of himself inviting Iran’s President to “brother to brother” talks without conditions.

He publicly approved of the Ground Zero Mosque calling it an issue of “Islamic civil rights” as if those rights were separate and distinct in themselves. Later in an interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly viewed worldwide on Super Bowl Sunday, Obama refused to identify the Muslim Brotherhood as dangerous. Later, he publicly commanded a staunch and loyal ally in the Middle East to leave office. And most recently, he’s shown reluctant leadership regarding the popular uprising in Libya to topple the violent dictator, Moahmar Qaddafi.

All of these tactics might be understandable if he were President of Syria or Yemen or some other Muslim country. However, President Obama has done everything from deny the Judeo-Christian heritage of the United States to openly promote the spread and prominence of Islam. That, by the way, is the written agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood, to overwrite our history and make Islam preeminent over all in America.

So, no matter how good he looks on television, the layers of the onion are peeling away one at a time. What we find underneath is a President pushing an aggressive Islamic agenda for America. Just in case this seems far-fetched, let’s go back to Obama’s pastor-for-twenty-years, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. President Obama called him, “his mentor in the Christian faith.” Yet, Rev. Wright’s attitudes of worship led him to take private council with vicious dictators.

In 1984 and 1987 Rev. Wright accompanied Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan to Libya for private meetings with the dictator, Moamar Qaddafi. Why did these two visit a known enemy of the US who sent terrorist to kill Americans? “Because these two American men of the clergy — Farrakhan and Wright — are avowed enemies of the United States,” said Edwin Black in The Jewish Journal.

Farrakhan, then, returned to Libya nine years later in 1996 to be personally honored in a state ceremony by Qaddafi who gave Farrakhan one billion dollars to help Muslims get elected to high office in America. The New York Times printed an excerpt translated from Qaddafi’s speech made January 26, 1996. Qaddafi said, “Our confrontation with America used to be like confronting a fortress from outside. Today we have found an opening to enter the fortress and to confront it from within.”

Does that sound as creepy to you as it does to me? Like it or not, there is a direct connection between the “ONE BILLION $” given by Qaddafi to Farrakhan whose buddy is Rev. Wright, and dare I say it, Barak Obama. All you have to do is connect the dates and speeches.

As a matter of fact, in 2008 when Obama was elected President, Farrakhan anointed him “the Messiah.” Two years later on April 18, 2010 Moamar Qaddafi said of President Obama, “I personally consider him a friend…of Muslim decent.”

In another time this might seem somewhat comical. Can you imagine two bigger kooks than Farrakhan and Qaddafi actually imagining that they are pulling the strings of the President in America?

Not so fast. Remember Rev. Wright’s star congregant is Barak Hussein Obama. Rev. Wright is Obama’s mentor and Farrakhan, Qaddafi and Wright are all buddies. So, that strange circle closed this week March 2, 2011 when Farrakhan said, “President Obama, ” I’m warning you this is a Libyan problem, let the Libyans solve their problem among themselves.” Farrakhan then called Qaddafi, “my brother and my friend.”

And let’s remember Rev. Wright is also Farrakhan’s friend. Together, they counseled privately with vicious dictators and enemies of the United States. Rev. Wright evaluated 3000 deaths on 9/11 as America’s own fault. There’s nothing Christian in that attitude, instead, it’s harmonious with radical Islam’s view that victims are at fault for being attacked, the guilty-awaiting-righteous-Islamic-execution. We are left to imagine that in 20 years of friendship with Rev. Wright none of these attitudes rubbed off on Obama during his mentoring process. Perhaps, like Clinton, Obama never inhaled.

Who knows for sure the depth’s to which the members of this strange circle influence each other? More layers continue to peel off the Obama Onion that show our President carrying out the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood, aggressively promoting Islam in America and acting confused as to who our enemies and friends really are.


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It’s called a conspiracy

I was on the final leg of my journey home Sunday night in my car with my satellite radio tuned to the Fox News Channel and listening to a famous news icon, Geraldo Rivera. He questioned the correctness of the hearings led by Representative Peter King of New York regarding Islamic terrorists inside America. According to Mr. Rivera, Representative King risked spreading hatred against all law-abiding Muslims everywhere by singling out the Islamic religion as the only source of domestic terrorists.

But that’s not what Peter King is doing. Mr. King is the Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee and a member of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. As such, he has gathered evidence of Islamic conspiracies in America. Evidence that points to a network of front organizations connected to radical Islamic forces outside our country that are functioning inside America by using our laws to “legitimize” their activities.

How could I know this? I attended a closed-door briefing last summer with Rep. King and others from the Homeland Security Committee. I distinctly remember that Mr. Rivera wasn’t there for the meetings. But multiple U.S. representatives concurred on what I just said. Their concern was about how to present this explosive topic to the American public.

Afterwards, I had the chance to meet Peter King and speak to him regarding this very matter. In his estimation, networks of radical Islamic organizations inside America pose a grave threat to our Homeland Security. It seems clear to me that Mr. King is a dedicated and brave public servant willing to risk assaults on his own reputation in order to carry out his duties of protecting all citizens from internal jihad.

Unfortunately, Mr. Rivera’s report directed the audience attention away from that and towards what he thought was wrong with Peter King’s tactics. No examination was made of the topic or the idea structure behind Islamic conspiracy. It was as if there was nothing really going on except Peter King’s smear-tactics of all Muslims in America.

A misdirected anti-Muslim paranoia had taken hold of Congressman Peter King who risked becoming another “tail-gunner-Joe-McCarthy,” the weirdo senator who saw communists under every rock in the 1950’s. Mr. Rivera and his panel even parsed words and argued over whether terrorists are all just plain crazy mass murderers. None of this did anything to address the matter directly.

Here are some words that do, “If we are outside this country we can say ‘Oh, Allah destroy America.’ But once we are here, our mission in this country is to change it.” So said Abdurahman Alamoudi, the founder of the American Muslim Council, a registered charity for civil rights connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. His words are a bit more direct than the Fox News reporter’s, aren’t they?

That’s the kind of problem Representative King is investigating, and the American people have a right to know. It’s called a conspiracy…an evil, unlawful, and treacherous plan formulated in secret by two or more persons. It’s a war of stealth and deceit conducted from within, yet surreptitiously a part of the outward strategy of terror for conquest. It appears with a different face, a smiling face of charity, civil rights and peace making. You see, that’s the problem. The bad guys look like good guys, but the American public still has a right to know who they are.

In case you don’t remember, Alamoudi was charged with multiple counts of conspiracy, pled guilty in 2004 and is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence. As a master of disguise, he even spoke at The National Cathedral during the prayer service honoring the dead of 9/11.

I use this example not because it’s current, but because it’s textbook. For several years Rep King and others have been gathering evidence and heard secret intelligence. It’s time we quit wringing our hands and face up to the fact that we’ve been duped. Islam is on the march in America, and it means to control and bully whoever dares to disagree. So it was in 1930’s Chicago while corrupt city law enforcement remained unwilling to risk Al Capone’s wrath.

Standing outside a red door marked, “no admittance” in the movie, The Untouchables,  Malone (Sean Connery) turned to Eliot Ness (Kevin Costner).  Crossing into Al Capone’s underworld lied beyond.  “Once we go through this door there’s no turning back,” said Malone. Ness gives the nod and Malone grabbed an ax and cut down the door.

Rep. King identified the Holy Grail of Islamic terror organization disguised and working inside America, CAIR. They openly promote a new Nazi bigotry that labels Muslims as the future “ruling class.”  This is that red door that says, “no admittance.” I say stand by Rep. King and let him swing the ax against that door. My fellow Americans, its time for us to cross the threshold.

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