A Vision for America

The year was 1979 and I had just finished my lunch when I picked up the sports section of the Chicago Tribune left on the large round table I was seated at and began to read. I noticed something strange in the center of the page and looked in amazement as the newspaper burned away from the center towards the edges revealing a strange picture that replaced the center of the newspaper.

It was a map of the Persian Gulf with the nation of Iraq in the focus. That dissolved to reveal 500,000 American troops arrayed with tanks and warplanes along the Gulf. That scene dissolved as the warplanes filled the sky and the tanks moved out and crossed the border invading Iraq.

While all this happened my mind was filled by a news story that summarized the events as they passed before my eyes. There was no audible voice, and no visible words to read, nevertheless, the story recorded itself in my mind in sync with the video as I watched. I guess you can imagine, I couldn’t take my eyes off of what I was seeing.

Somehow, I realized these were events to come. The United States armed forces were going to fight a war in Iraq. The fighting would end in one week and the power and technology displayed by the U.S. stunned the world. We lost less than five hundred soldiers while our enemy lost 35,000. How could this be possible? I wondered.

Before another thought came to mind the scene switched again to reveal American soldiers walking towards me. I could see their faces, their rifles, and their helmets. Their faces were striped diagonally with black streaks. Their helmets had eyepieces that looked like binoculars and their rifles were pointed down. They walked across the desert during daylight while strange black clouds covered the sunshine. Behind them were bright yellow fires coming up from the ground shooting thick black smoke upward making a canopy between the sky and the earth.

The scene cleared away and the map came back into view. This time the nation was Iran. I saw American ships moving towards Iran and knew our forces went back to fight another war, this time with Persia. I saw no details of battles or soldiers. I only knew this was a second war that we won, but it was more costly. It took longer and the American people grew weary. Public opinion said, “It wasn’t worth the cost.”

Following the second conflict with Iran the United States had financial problems to solve. I remember being encouraged knowing that the people of America rallied themselves and took the steps necessary to solve our problems. We regained our economy and our strength, but not without changes in the world. During the time of our recovery, America stepped down from being the world leader, not by design, but by necessity. America moved on, but so did the world.

The vision ended. The newspaper went back to normal. I looked up at the clock to find my lunchtime was over and I went back to my work. Until now I’ve never shared this vision publically. Remember, this took place thirty-three years ago in 1979. Not long afterwards the United States embassy in Iran was overrun by radical Islamists and our diplomats in the Embassy were taken hostage.

In 1980 Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini declared war against the United States and called all Muslim nations to participate saying, “Let the Muslim nations be aware that Iran is a nation effectively at war with America…We are ready to be killed and we have made a covenant with Allah to follow the path of our leader, the Lord of the martyrs.”

I began to think I had gotten the entire vision confused. So it goes with premonitions and visions. Many people have them. Abraham Lincoln saw his own death just days before it occurred. On the other hand, prophets often saw visions of the future they struggled to describe in the words of their time.

All I knew was that the strange premonition spoke to me of something in our nation’s future. Like many others with such visions that had no immediate fulfillment, I simply forgot about it. Even Abraham Lincoln told his wife he placed no special credence in his dream.

Twelve years later, however, the United States fought a war with Iraq and the details I had seen about the future took place exactly as shown to me. I was stunned. Still, the details of Afghanistan, 9/11, and Gulf War II were not part of the vision, so I kept quiet figuring I somehow missed the truth…until now.

Joel Richardson’s book, MidEast Beast, explains how prophetic visions are often seen on a flat plane, a highlight reel without the details. After reading his explanation I better understood my own experiences.

History has proven that the events I saw twelve years in advance were 100% dead accurate. I have no reason to doubt anything else in the vision. What’s more, today’s news warns us that these events are on the horizon and ready to overtake the world.

Iran seeks a first strike nuclear capacity. Exactly as the Persian Prime Minister, Haman, sought to annihilate the Jews of ancient history, the current Persian Prime Minister, Ahmadinejad seeks to annihilate Israel. Make no mistake, we are identified with Israel.

America is accused in the Islamist world as the cause of Israel’s existence and survival. They have it backwards. The Judeo-Christian culture gave birth to America. We exist because of Israel, not the other way around. And by the way, it was Britain who came up with the idea to reestablish Israel, not America.

On Tuesday 9/11/2012 radical Islam celebrated their 2001 assault on America by attacking us in Egypt and killing four diplomats in Libya. This is old news.

Since the early days of our republic, radical Islam has repeatedly attacked America. The Marine Hymn memorializes our first victory on, “the shores of Tripoli,” in 1805 against the Islamists in Libya that attacked our embassy, raided our ships and enslaved our citizens.

Thomas Jefferson asked the Tripoli ambassador why they made war on us. He told Jefferson it was their duty as Muslims to plunder, enslave and kill all non-Muslim sinners. Understanding the situation, President Jefferson sent the U.S. Navy to blockade their ports, raid their shipping and crush their economy. We won they lost.

But President Obama sees things differently. He believes Islam is violent against America because someone offended them; George Bush, American troops, American corporations, American Christians, Israel, and now, an amateur filmmaker. Obama believes his very presence will remove that offense. Like Narcissus in Greek mythology, Obama has fallen in love with his own image. He is self-deceived and apparently too arrogant to change his worldview even in the face of reality.

It’s time for America to realize that history has overtaken us once again. We cannot hide from an aggressive Islamic world that promises nuclear destruction of American cities and the annihilation of our friend and ally, Israel. It’s time for us to send a clear message. If we don’t back them off, Americans better find their closest bomb shelter.

The number one job of an American President is to protect U.S. citizens, not change America. All the health insurance in the world means nothing if our cities are in cinders. From the times of Thomas Jefferson the Islamists have attacked America because we exist, yet Obama thinks his presence will change history in that regard. It’s evident he sees himself as superior to all the rest of the American Presidents.

The historic leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sayyid Qtab, said that all nations belong to Islam, so Muslims must go forth and conquer. So, viewing it from their eyes, Obama is not anointed for peace, but an invitation to war. They see him as a weakling that invites them every 9/11 to dance on the graves of Americans. That’s exactly what the news is. They will attack and claim we offended them, and he will apologize.

Worse yet, President Obama’s self deceit is enabling the rise of a fascist Islamic empire with a first-strike nuclear strategy. Perhaps next year on 9/11 Islam will celebrate with a nuclear surprise attack on America.

I can only say that I’ve seen the highlight reel. I don’t know the details other than what I’ve written here. Though the days ahead are difficult, we will triumph. I believe we Americans will solve our problems. One thing is sure about the details I didn’t see; Americans will face the consequences of their choices in the very near future.




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