The Battle of Tours Made Hitler Unhappy

When you bring up the subject of the Middle East today, most Americans believe the nations of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and Arabia have always been Islamic. That’s not the truth. As a matter of fact, it’s pure myth.

The nation of Israel emerged in the 13th Century BC nearly two thousand years before Islam. Christianity began as an offshoot of Judaism inside Israel and spread throughout the Mediterranean World for 650 years prior to Islam which didn’t begin until the 7th Century AD.

Roman Emperor Constantine

By the middle of the 4th Century AD, fifty-six percent of the Roman Empire had converted to Christianity, including the Emperor, Constantine. Faith in Jesus changed society so much that this Roman Emperor called a meeting of all Christian bishops in 325 AD in the city of Nicaea where they defined the orthodox statement of Christian belief known today as the Nicaean Creed. That event took place three hundred years before Muhammad’s birth.

Notice the date. Christianity had evangelized the Roman Empire within three hundred years after Jesus’ death! Over half the people of the entire Roman world were Christians, and that included Palestine.

So…the nations of the Middle East were Christian long before Islam even existed, and the idea that Jews and Crusaders robbed Muslim lands is an Islamic myth. The truth is the reverse. The Muslim armies came two thousand years after Israel and 650 years after Christianity. It was Islam who stole the lands of Christians and Jews by force.

In eighty-one years after Muhammad’s death Islamic armies spread their religious crusade over the nations of Christendom stretching from the Arabian Peninsula to the Atlantic Ocean. Musa ibn Nusair, the Muslim governor of North Africa completed the conquest of Spain in 713 AD. Thereafter, Spain was renamed Al Andalus and France came next on the schedule of Muslim world conquest.

Abdul Rhaman

The new governor of Al Andalus, Abdul Rahman, marched north from Spain across the Pyrenees Mountains into Southern France with an undefeated army reinforced by 80,000 cavalry. As with the back of his hand he captured and sacked the cities of Toulouse and Bordeaux.

Only a decisive defeat south of Paris at the Battle of Tours October 10, 732 AD halted their advance. There Charles Martel and a Frankish Army of 30,000 foot soldiers stopped Islam’s advance into Europe. The historian, Edward Creasy, said it was one of the fifteen most decisive battles of the world.

For nearly two hundred years the protection of Rome had faded around the edges of the empire, so the church leaders such as Saint Remigius reached out to the barbarian kings. The result was the conversion and spread of Christianity among the Franks in the 6th and 7th Centuries in the area known today as France.

The church taught Frankish leaders faith, civil order, and the role of leadership in protecting civilization. By the time the actual Battle of Tours took place in the 8th Century, Charles Martel had been training his professional army of Franks for ten years in anticipation of an Islamic invasion.

Charles Martel

By using back pathways instead of Roman roads the Franks took Abdul Rahman’s army by surprise. Positioned above them and on a hill walled in by forest on both sides the only attack for the Muslims was a frontal assault uphill into the twenty foot spears of Charles Martel’s disciplined phalanx. It was a battle plan they had prepared ten years to execute, and Martel had picked the time and place in such a manner as to negate the advantages of the infamous Muslim cavalry.

Rahman tried to get the Franks out into the open with taunts and insults. Martel waited. Seven days he waited enduring the insults as they stood in the way of Abdul Rahman’s advance. Finally, Rahman’s army charged.

Battle of Tours

The repeated and ferocious attacks by superior numbers of Muslim cavalry proved unable to break the discipline of the Franks who mauled the Muslims inflicting casualties on a ratio of 10 to 1 that amounted to over 10,000 dead Muslims including their leader. Then with Abdul Rahman dead, his defeated army withdrew from France going back to Spain. The Franks at Tours proved to be the wall and the high water mark of Muslim conquest for some time to come.

Historians of our modern era remember this battle for its importance even though it took place 1300 years ago. According to military historian, Kennedy Hickman:

“Charles’ victory at the Battle of Tours saved Western Europe from the Muslim invasions and was a turning point in European history.”

Perhaps even more revealing is the rage expressed against the outcome of the Battle of Tours by Adolf Hitler, himself. In the same breath he praised Islam and attacked Christianity. Hitler said:

“Had Charles Martel not been victorious at Tours …Then we should in all probability have been converted to Mohammedanism. Then the Germanic races would have conquered the world. Christianity alone prevented them from doing so.”

Islamic Nazi Alliance is forged

The genocidal dictator of Nazi Germany grudgingly recognized the spread of Christianity for the victory. And from his ramblings that day in late August of 1942, there is little wonder why Hitler forged an alliance with Islam during World War II in order to destroy the Jews.

He looked out over the centuries and saw a kindred spirit. And when he approached the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem he counted on the fact that thirteen centuries of time had not changed their minds. In fact, he even said he preferred to be a Muslim by conquest.

Lucky for Western Civilization the Battle of Tours made Hitler unhappy. While Charles Martel and his army at Tours receive credit for stopping the advance of Islam and preserving Christian civilization in Europe, the impact of that remains with us through our present day.

Sadly, Americans are generally ignorant of this timeline in history. The truth is that Islam has been the aggressor for fourteen centuries forcing their political system and values upon other nations. The real danger is for America.

U.S. President Obama Bows to Islam

Islam always builds Mosques as monuments over conquered territory as a symbol of triumph. That’s why today there is an Islamic mosque-building-boom throughout America. We have already begun to submit. Obama has made it clear to Islam that America’s head is now bowed.

America, the great nation that defended the world from Nazi tyranny has gone stupid. What the Japanese and the Germans failed to do by war Islam has accomplished by deceit. As President, Thomas Jefferson defended America from Islamic tyranny. Instead, President Obama bows and submits. It just makes you wonder if somewhere in hell Hitler is smiling.







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