Nationalized Health Care: The Flying Elephant

Why would any American oppose the idea of medical care for a needy person? Aren’t the needs of the downtrodden our nation’s purpose? Doesn’t our Statue of Liberty say:

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest–tossed to me…”

America is a beacon of liberty that shines into the dark corners of the earth and gives hope to the oppressed. For over two centuries this nation has held its arms open to the poor, the refugee, the persecuted and the downtrodden of other nations. As a journalist I’ve personally interviewed many immigrants with exceptional stories of hardship and success. Why did they come to America? Their answers are almost unanimous. They yearned for a better life in a nation of liberty.

Why, then, would any American oppose the idea of medical care for a needy person? Isn’t that the very reason we exist? Isn’t that the reason people come here? Wasn’t America founded to provide life, liberty and happiness to all who find refuge here?

NO, THAT’S NOT WHY AMERICA EXISTS. Despite the arguments for nationalized health care, America is not in existence to provide anything to anybody, but to promote and protect what God has already provided; the rights of man.

There is a big difference between providing for people and protecting what already exists. One is the role of Providence, the other is the role of sovereign governments….or so our founders thought when they designed America.

The language of the document that began the United States, The Declaration of Independence, carefully recognized that our rights come from “The Creator,” not the state or the king or anybody on earth.

The job of government was to create a system of law by which those “blessings” of liberty were continuously protected. That legal system is our U.S. Constitution. Its Preamble states that our Constitution was created “to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

When the Constitution was adopted, it had to be approved by at least ¾ of the State Legislatures because the states were giving up certain individual authority to the central government for the benefits they would gain from the union. These benefits were written as powers of the Federal Government in the Constitution, such as; a national army and navy, a national currency, interstate commerce without interstate tariffs, open borders between states, and so forth as written.

The question remains: Is health care a “right-of-mankind endowed by the Creator?”  That argument has always been a stretch. It’s just as easy to argue that seeking proper health care is the responsibility of every individual, and the essence of liberty is the freedom of choice to make good or bad decisions. So, the Democrats sold their nationalized health care system as, “providing for the poor.”

The Obama Administration argued before The Supreme Court that their nationalized health care law protected interstate commerce and promoted the general welfare of the people. These are both provisions of federal powers specifically stated in The Constitution.

Nowhere did our Constitution come close to talking about a nationalized medical system. That has always been the dream of socialists seeking to take over the United States system, and it has always been argued as a promotion of the “general welfare” from Article I Section 8 of the powers to tax. Otherwise, the government has no money to fund their health care industry; an industry that requires everybody to pay whether they use the services or not.

On top of that, to administer the system the government must decide the costs of procedures, rather than the free market. That’s the essence of socialism. The government decides the salaries and the prices according to how much they take from us in taxes.

Since life is “above price or of limitless value,” the government must now decide how much to pay to save a life.  It’s the inescapable trap that exposes the government in it’s takeover of rights disguised as a protector of rights. Now, every American’s life must be defined to have a dollar value.

Historically, kidnapping has been a death offense because it places a ransom value on an infinite life. Now, the government commits the same offense as the kidnapper. They must decide your ransom. How much will they say your life is worth? It exposes this scheme for what it is, a lie. How can our government protect a life of limitless value by assigning a monetary value to it? That’s a contradiction by itself. So, are the Democrats acting like thugs and kidnappers?

The enforcement of the premiums of the government health care industry will be accomplished through the Internal Revenue Service, our national taxation bureau. Yet, Obama repeatedly sold the plan to the public as our national responsibility. His plan would be cheaper than private industry health premiums. The government would provide health care without a tax.  Everybody gets care, costs go down, and no new taxes. It’s a miracle!

No, it’s a flying elephant! ……….. a lie.

The Chief Justice of The Supreme Court saw through that lie and called it what it is. This is a new law that sets up a national health care system through a multitude of new taxes that begin on the next income tax forms of every company, individual, and family in America. There are twenty-one new taxes and ten thousand new regulations written into the government’s takeover of the health care industry.

So, now that the government can require you to buy their health plan or be fined, what else can they require all Americans to buy…or not be allowed to buy? As long as it promotes or provides for the general-welfare-as-they-see-it, the list could be without limits; child care, new nationalized railroads and bullet trains, better mail service, electric cars, green energy, etc. Of course, we’ll have the choice to not participate in these future programs by paying a fee, or dare I say, “another tax.”

When I was a boy the cost of a stamp was 4 cents. Then, it went up to 5 cents and every few years a little more until now stamps have no price printed on them. “Forever stamps” that guarantee the Post Office continuous price increases without notifying the public. But at least you have the choice to buy or not to buy stamps.

With the new health care takeover you must pay for their program whether you buy it or not. And you must pay their “forever costs” whether you approve of them or not. I wonder, what the “forever stamps” of Obamacare will cost ten years from now?

Do Americans really think this most gigantic of all government agencies, Obamacare, will not increase in expense continuously just like the post office did? What’s to stop it? There’s no competition allowed. Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot. Government industry without competition is by definition, socialism.

Norman Thomas, the six-time Presidential candidate of the Socialist Party, said that the American people will never vote for socialism unless it is disguised. That’s why the argument for nationalized health care has always been their “preferred-tool-of-takeover.” Playing on the soul of compassionate Americans to care for the “storm-tossed-huddled-masses,” it’s a slick way to sell tyranny to the free.

There was never a need for the government to take over the health care industry in America unless there is hidden motive for that takeover. In the name of “health and safety” the government can now regulate everything from private manufacturing to food to energy production.

Marxist Socialism disguised as medicine is exactly what the Socialist Party called for in their dream of taking over America fifty years ago. It’s evident that’s always been the hope and change Obama dreamed of, the Socialist Republic of America. Within a decade the United States will implode financially just like Russia did, and we’ll look back on the Obama Presidency as the Gang of Bolsheviks who engineered that downfall.

In all fairness, many Democratic voters are already converted to Marxism without knowing it. They look to the government as their provider. In America that role has always been left to “The Creator.” The first tenant of Marxism, however, is that god doesn’t exist. Since there is no god for the Marxist to answer to, the only human rights that exist are determined by the government. That’s the definition of absolute power… otherwise defined as Tyranny.

Obama said, “I want to fundamentally change America,” but according to the United States Constitution, that’s not the role of the President of the United States. No matter, candidate Obama was above The Constitution. So, from the beginning, Obama defined himself with the language of a tyrant.

Standing before the Greek columns in 2008, Sheppard Obama promised greener pastures to all, and the sheep followed him. Now that we’ve turned the corner into Marxist socialism, the decision for American voters is: Do we want the founders America, or the brave new world of Obama’s tyranny?

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