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Peeling the Obama Onion

While Barak Obama ran for the Presidency in 2008 very few reporters investigated his background. When, Sean Hannity questioned Obama’s political sympathies and ties to the radical black liberation preacher, Jeremiah Wright, the Fox News reporter was accused of racism and bigotry. Of course, no other reporters wanted any part of that. Instead, they experienced […]
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Changing the Narrative

Have you noticed how the language of the news changed? Islam has regained preeminence, but the word “jihad” has almost disappeared. Now we hear all about the “rights of Muslim Americans.” So, the narrative has changed from an Islamic violent jihad to an Islamic legal jihad. Oh yes, we hear nice phrases like “bridge-building” and […]
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What was Treason is now Bridge-building

A lie will always be a lie, but in political correctness we change the labels. And if lying is part of your religious system, then deceiving the non-believer is the path to victory. The strategy is as old as war, itself. Make the enemy think you’re coming from one direction so they divert their forces […]
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