Obama has anti-Semitic roots

Barack Obama said he is a friend of Israel and a supporter of the American-Israeli relationship, but his policy towards Israel is anti-Semitic. My guess is that twenty years of personal friendship and pastoring  by Rev. Wright twisted Obama’s worldview. Let me explain.

Jeremiah Wright is tight with the Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, who labels Jews as a race of devils, deviates, and usurpers. In 1984 and 1987 Farrakhan and Wright traveled together to Libya for private audiences with Muammar Khadafy, the former  dictator who called for Israel’s destruction. Then after Obama’s election Khadafy said both Rev. Wright and President Obama were, “his friends.”

Why were they viewed as friends of Khadafy? The answer is simple; Khadafy saw both Rev. Wright and President Obama advancing the Islamist cause in America. What is the Islamist cause? America must comply with Islamic law and Islamic demands worldwide…lest we offend the empire of Islam, Allah, Muhammad, and the Muslims.

So, how is Rev. Wright advancing the cause of radical Islam? Do we remember the famous Rev. Wright line about the 9/11 attacks when he preached, “America’s chickens have come home to roost!” He gleefully blamed America for causing Islamic terrorists to attack the United States. How could he say such a thing? Simple, that’s his worldview, and it agrees with radical Islam. Here’s why.

In The Life of Muhammad, one of the three sources of Islamic law, on page 288 it states that unbelief in Allah is an offense that warrants death. And in another source of Islamic law, The Quran (8:55-60), direct revelations made to Muhammad said that acting against Allah’s will deserved war. So, any civilization that offends Allah deserves to be attacked, and it’s their fault for causing the war.

There’s your answer; Rev. Wright agreed with Islamic law interpreted by those who planned, financed and carried out the massacres of 9/11. Americans offended Islam and Allah so we deserved Islamic terror attacks that killed 3000 unarmed civilians. We brought war upon ourselves by not complying with the demands of Islamic imperialism. After all, Muhammad said, “I was ordered to fight all men until they say, ‘There is no god but Allah.’”

So, Rev. Wright advanced radical Islam’s cause by holding audience with Islamic dictators then preaching their arguments in America disguised as doctrines of Jesus.

As for President Obama advancing Islam’s cause; he called for Israel to retreat to the pre-1967 borders as the prerequisite for Middle East peace talks.

However, if you’re not over 55 or schooled in modern Israeli history, you probably don’t know what happened in the 1967 Middle East. So, let me explain.

Outnumbering Israel 25 to 1 in soldiers and equipment, in late May 1967 the United Arab armies massed their forces under one command along Israel’s land borders. There they waited for the final command to invade Israel from three directions and destroy the Jewish state.

To have the slightest hope of survival, Israel had to gain some kind of advantage against such numbers…and they did. They broke the command code used by the four Arab armies and listened in as the Arabs planned their attack.

Before the Arab Armies launched their three-pronged invasion, the Israeli Defense Forces surprised the world with a lightning preemptive strike known as The Six Day War. As the Arab forces prepared to launch their attack, Israel struck first catching their foes concentrated in mass on the ground and inflicting devastating losses.

The map of the Middle East changed in less than a week as Israel took and occupied portions of Egypt, Jordan and Syria. The Arab Armies were crushed in what appeared a Biblical-style-defeat. By sunset of the very first day of the war the Israeli Air Force destroyed 454 enemy aircraft. By the second day of the war Israel controlled the skies. But the drama that followed on the third day overshadowed everything else.

Since the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman Legions in 70 AD, Jews the world over consoled each other with the words, “next year in Jerusalem.” It’s a phrase of hope that says someday, perhaps next year, the Jews scattered across the world will be able to freely return and worship in Jerusalem.

On the morning of June 7, 1967 those words came true as Israeli forces captured Jerusalem’s Old City and the Western Wall of King Solomon’s 3000-year-old temple. A brief emotional phrase came across the radio from General Gur commanding the paratroopers to General Narkiss. “The Temple Mount is in our hands,” said Gur. Within a few hours his words were broadcast across the earth.

For two thousand years since the Roman Army conquered Israel and renamed it Palestine until June 7, 1967 this relic of Hebrew Civilization and the City of Jerusalem remained in the hands of foreign powers. Only hours before Israel had looked into the face of destruction and annihilation. Instead, by the most dramatic turn of events, after 2000 years they had returned home.

However, four months later by October of 1967, the Arabs were appealing to the United States to “make the Israelis give back” the territories they captured in the war, including Jerusalem. So, after the Arab nations lost, they decided to dictate the terms of peace. How hilariously self-deceived is that?

The United Arab armies were vanquished in six days by Israel, yet the Arabs decided to use America to tell Israel what was necessary for peace? They forgot one detail. In war the winners always dictate terms to the losers. Responding to their asinine proposal, Senator Hugh Scott wrote, “America’s best interest lies in strengthening Israel, not weakening her…there is nothing to be gained by making Israel smaller, weaker, and more vulnerable.” So, from 1967 on this notion has always been absurd…except if you’re promoting the Islamic agenda.

That’s why Obama exposed his antisemitism by asking the Jews of Israel to return to the weakness and vulnerability of the pre-1967 borders.  Since 1967 the territory Israel captured provides land buffers against further Arab invasions. Today, Arab nations can’t attack Israel in force without crossing open territory. Yet, our President wants Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israelis to make their land indefensible and give up Jerusalem. This is the 45-year-old Islamist position resolved at the Khartoum Conference of Arab States held three months after losing the Six Day War of 1967. To Israelis Obama’s request was so absurd that it caused this cartoon in an Israeli newspaper:

Wherever Muammar Khadafy abides in eternity, I’m sure he’s applauding for Obama. It’s apparent that you can take the President out of Rev. Wright’s church, but you can’t take Rev. Wright’s church out of the President.

G.S. McGregor

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